Why you need special offers for your business

Never in history has special offers been searched for more then today.
Never in history has special offers been searched for more then today. The search is often referred to as a competitive sport we are all familiar with as it is no secret that we are playing our part online searching for the best wins to save a dim or stretch a dim. In other words, if you are a marketer or run your own business you want to make sure you are not left out and if you are already in then how can you explore new ways of utilising special offers as a powerful player to up your game plan.
The challenge small businesses face in the age of information overload is that they spend most of their time working in their business and not on their business, potentially passing up the opportunity to their competitors to increase revenue whilst they continue to work harder rather then smarter. It is a game changer once you find a way to cut through the noise to keep your business afloat or grow your business today by not just advertising more but advertising smarter.
For this reason we have created a service dedicated in bringing your business even closer to your audience by inviting your special offers to be shared on our special offers platform. Below I will guide you though the benefits special offers can bring you and explain how it can increase your revenue:
1) Special Offers Increase You Being Seen
Firstly a special offer will create the chance to have a larger part of your audience become aware of your business. As for existing customers this is a great opportunity to remind them of your business and trigger a reason to come back, or simply offer a reward for their loyalty to transition them into a regular customer, meaning more sales in the long run. 
Your powerful player has the strength of expanding or increasing your market area too. It has be proven that customers will travel far to redeem a special offer so prioritise quality over quantity. This will fuel your chances of your offer being shared across social media if they believe your offer will bring value to their professional network or personal community. 
2) Special offers Make Customers Happy … Science Proves It  
If your still searching for a reason, what can be better than making your customers happy? Scientific research now tells us that special offers creates a positive reaction with our brain’s chemistry which is linked to happiness. People who receive £10 coupons have 38 percent higher Ocytocin levels (a happy chemical), 32 percent calmer breathing rates, 5 percent slower heart rates, and 20x less sweaty palms. You can’t make this stuff up.
3) Happy customers rate you better on review sites 
When we receive a gift from someone on Christmas we naturally feel inclined to return with a gift. In your case when your customers use your special offers and are completemented with a good service you dramatic increase your chances of them ‘returning with a gift’ usually leading to a positive online review. [Link to how to get reviews]
4) Easy way to track what your customers want
Here is where you can go to the next level with your game plan that can set you apart from your competition. If you are launching a new product, service, event or A/B testing between multiple campaigns this is a smart and easy way not to guess what your customers want and instead use real data to identify what type of offers and seasons your customers are most attracted to.
Some of my clients primary marketing goals are to build up their mailing lists in which I usually run a special offer or competition campaign as the results are fast and highly valuable as they are only people who are interested in the offering which promtote higher conversion rates.
5) Creates new content and word-of-mouth opportunities 
This is one of the easiest ways to create new content for your customers that is worth talking about and can often get your regular customers a new reason to be surprised and delighted by your business. Special offers are great news especially when you can bring value to planing a meal out on a saturday night out to and someone finds a free bottle of wine or a 2-1 offer is always a highlight.
6) Special offers will entice new customers that have been shopping at your competitor.
There are times we are planing to dine out a Restaurant A* but after coming across a deal like the ones on our Special offers page I saw Restaurant B* that I’ve been waiting to visit and it’s now offering with a special offer expiring soon in which we opt for. 
In conclusion our psychology promotes the fear of us missing out on a good offer but also compels business owners to identify something new or different that offers value to your customers; All the points above drive sales and make customers decision-making much simpler If a brand is offering a similar product but something additional, then the consumer will often want more for their money! And new customers mean new opportunities for cross-sells and upsells, meaning more revenue in the long run as well. As coupons continue to be an inexpensive form of marketing with Groupon taking 50% and PP offering you a chance with 0%, nearly half of all retailers reported offering consumers some form of bonus coupon program. This means your competitors are probably utilizing coupons in their marketing and maybe should you too.
If you want to summit your promotion today or not quite sure how to email us today. Contact us to create your special offer today!
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