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Do you have any advice, guidance, tips, information or experience you would like to share?

Would you like to write for us?

Do you have any advice, guidance, tips, information or experience you would like to share? Why not write an article and send it to us? You might change the lives of thousands of people who read your article.

  • Sharing your article at Paginas Portuguesas would give exposure to you, and to your linked in/ website or blog.
  • You get credit for the article with a short bio and a link or two to your website or blog.

Writing Requirements

  1. Articles no shorter than 350 words and no longer than 1200 words.
  2. Relevance is important. All articles should be supportive to the lusophone community in the UK. Local news/ Travel/ Business/ Culture are the categories you can stem from. You are invited to share your experience of what your have learn’t, what you have enjoyed, what challenges you have overcome and how. Coverage of local events, history and traditions are also welcomed.
  3. The articles should be well-written, without typos or errors.
  4. Original articles that you wrote and which do not appear at other websites.
  5. Articles with practical information, guidance, advice and tips will be favored.
  6. We reserve the right to edit content, if we deem it necessary.
  7. Please note that we do not pay for the articles, but we add a short bio at the bottom of the article, where you may add a link or two to your website.
  8. No over use or personal agenda with links allowed within the body of the article.
  9. Promotional articles/posts and affiliate links will not be accepted.

How to Submit Your Article/Post?

Email us your article, attaching it as a word document file, or include it within the body of your email message. Send your email with the submitted article/post to info@paginas.co.uk 

Sometimes, we add an image to the article. If we decide to add an image, we will choose a suitable one.

We will email you, if we decide to publish your article.

Please note that we do not promise that every article submitted will be published.

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